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Saturday, 24 November 2012

white [paper] on white [paper]

I am working like mad on my pieces for the upcoming Art Market, opening on 6 December at 19:00 hs. If anyone is in the area, I would be very happy to meet you there. If not, the link will take you to the brand new website of our artists group 'Roots'. In fact, it is so new that the only thing you can see there is the poster announcing the event.

My original intention after finishing my rusted paper series was to create another series of 10 larger works, also on paper. It is, after all, my favourite media. But several days and a new group meeting later I changed my mind. I was unable to create larger size works that could sell at a low price. I started three different ones and finished none. As you can see by the poster, the Art Market will be an informal event designed to attract visitors who are willing to buy affordable art as Christmas gifts or simply for themselves. So I decided to create a series of 20 smaller works instead.

I used khadi paper for the backgrounds and slightly lighter handmade paper for the shapes. I varnished the not-exactly-round paper concave shapes with resin spray to harden them. And I used an upholstery needle to punch the little holes onto the background.

Another design using fabric leaves. I am playing with different kinds of design to please a larger audience. Hopefully.

Yet another design. The embossed element is on Italian handmade paper, cream-coloured and very elegant.

Thirteen of the twenty are finished already, seven more to go. Next week I'll have them photographed properly and I will post the whole series here. A problem I haven't solved yet: packaging. I probably need to make boxes to protect the raised surfaces. And they will have to be very simple and easy to make or I'll run out of time. I thought that even cellophane boxes could be fun but I haven't been able to find any of the right size.

All background papers are 21 x 9 cms (8.4" x 3.6") and creating these works is fun and very pleasing. Now to find a title for them.

P.S. Jennifer, Julie, this is not a sneak peak of my submissions to the Roy G Biv challenge centered on white, though I may well include one of these pieces when the time comes :)


  1. Ooooo so lovely! Hope you do post some for Roy next month! Love the dimensional white on white and the addition of the little punched holes and sewn details. Looking forward to seeing how you resolve the packaging. I like the idea of clear boxes (cellophane?)...they might look really "cool" as if they were in shadow boxes. Good luck with the show.

    1. Thank you, your comment is really encouraging! I've been thinking about creating a series of small white paper installations for some time now and this work may be the prelude to them. As for the boxes, I thought it would be fun if I packaged them in cellophane clear ones. They would look a bit like gift-packaged flowers or sweets. I'll probably have to settle for paper boxes that I'll make myself.

  2. Just beautiful, Ersi, I love that white on white. This show will be wonderful! Best of luck working out the packaging issue. I look forward to seeing the entire range.

    1. Thanks, Carol! I'll post the whole series when it's finished. The packaging will give me some pain but I hope I'll work something nice out.

  3. uh oh mm duh ............ speechless!
    Just beautiful Ersi.
    Elegant and simple.

    1. Hi Susan, thank you so much! I tried to create something simple and decorative too, first time I tried this presentation. I'm so pleased you like it!

  4. your work always inspires me to pare down and think about the details more clearly, these are so elegant and spare. BTW thanks for featuring me on your blogroll, I've been getting some visits from your site recently :)

    1. Hello Deb and thank you! Being able to inspire other artists is a huge compliment. I hope visits keep rolling in!

  5. Replies
    1. Colour! Lovely colour everywhere. Paper bowls are fun, aren't they? You have a great studio and that armchair is really unique. Upholstered with one of your designs, right? Thanks for dropping in, Justine. I hadn't been here myself in a long time.


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